What to expect from your massage

First appointment

When you arrive for your first massage we start with a fairly detailed conversation so you can tell me what I need to know in order to tailor the best massage treatment for you.

I will need to know about medical conditions, medical history and any medication which may suggest particular techniques, for example focus, awareness, modifying and avoiding. Most importantly, how you are feeling in your body and in your heart in that moment.

All appointments

We plan the treatment together, including any specific areas you may wish me to focus on, or avoid altogether. I will then leave the room to wash my hands while you undress as far as you are comfortable, and lie on the massage couch. Some people like to leave underwear on, some like to remove everything. Whatever you choose, drapes will always be used to keep any areas not being worked on covered for modesty and warmth! Massage is most effective on skin, but a great treatment is still possible through thin clothing if you do not wish to undress (although jeans can make it tricky!).

At the end of the session

At the end of the treatment I will leave the room to wash my hands again and get you a glass of water, while you take a few moments to gently get up and get dressed.

We will have a brief discussion about the treatment, with any feedback you may have, and suggestions I may have for your aftercare. If you wish we can make another appointment.

Subsequent appointments will need less time for the initial consultation, and will be more of a ‘how are you today?’ chat allowing for more ‘hands on’ time.

Medical and other concerns

Sometimes people may have been told that a certain condition may prevent them from receiving a massage. If you have concerns that you would like to discuss without taking too long out of your time, please feel free to ring me to discuss this before your appointment.

If you are wondering if massage is appropriate for you (and I believe that it is in almost every circumstance!) please feel free to ring me for a chat, on 07795 231621.