Who am I?

Claire Green

Claire Green –
Holistic Massage Therapist

I trained at the highly regarded Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB), and the course was transformative for me on a personal level. Although I didn’t take up massage professionally when I qualified in 2004, it remains one of the best things I have ever done. I worked instead at St. Peter’s Hospice before taking a break to have children. Since discovering the power of massage on the course, I have continued to receive regular massage myself. On many occasions, through lifes trials and tribulations it has literally kept me upright and functioning. Following a series of serenedipitous events, the universe led me to finally set up my practice in 2016.

I am attuned to Reiki level 2, and find that this enables me to work at an energetic level that deepens the relaxation of my clients. Although I am not currently offering Reiki as a stand alone treatment, it is a part of who I am and is implicit in my treatments. 

While one-off appointments are a wonderful way to treat ourselves and take a brief time-out, I become fired up by the deeper and more lasting effect that can happen as the therapeutic relationship develops over time, creating a short-hand and more intuitive connection. It is a privilege to work so closely with clients, to hold space, to build a therapeutic relationship based on trust and rapport which is essential to facilitate relaxation and change. 

Professional Development

I’m passionate about professional development, undertaking advanced workshops and doing massage swaps with colleagues to share knowledge and expand my repertoire.

I have taken further training courses in

  • Massage for cancer patients with Andy Fagg
  • Deep Tissue Massage with Andy Fagg
  • Releasing the Neck with Andy Fagg
  • Effortless Massage with Sarah Hoare
  • Dancing the Massage with Darien Pritchard
  • Emotional Processing with Andy Fagg
  • Hands Free massage with Leora Sharp
  • Deep Massage, The Lauterstein Method with David Lauterstein
  • Myofascial Release with Sally Morris and Craig Foden
  • Facial Acupressure with Heidi Armstrong
  • Eastern Foot Massage with Heidi Armstrong
Indian head massage


I started my working life as a nurse at age 18. Qualified in both adult and paediatric nursing, my passion was working with children who had cancer. I undertook a course in paediatric oncology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and worked in a central London Specialist Centre for several years.

I moved to Bristol in 2001 to work at Bristol Children’s Hospital on the Bone Marrow Transplant unit, nursing both adults and children. This was an extremely emotionally intense environment. One of my colleagues was studying at BCMB, and I observed first hand how powerful massage could be. As a result I became interested in studying massage as it embraces the key elements which made me passionate about nursing – compassion and sensitivity, excellent clinical knowledge, and a great sense of humour!