“Healing is possible, even when a cure is not.”

Massage for the whole person

Space to be in and with your mind and body

Holistic Massage Therapy in Bristol from Claire Green

(MTI Registered Therapist)

Holistic massage treats the whole person, in mind, body and spirit.

I aim to offer an opportunity for you to experience your body in a calm, nurturing environment. We work together, communicating with and without words as we go. I will check in with you verbally, and use intuitive feedback through my hands to pick up your non-verbal cues, to create the space for you to be truly present in your mind and body.

The massage can be fast or slow, deep or surface, working on specific trigger points or working more generally with emotions and energy. We may use stretches, mobilisation techniques and holds. A session will comprise most of these things. There is no set routine, and no two treatments will ever be quite the same.

Why choose an MTI accredited therapist?

  • High standard of training – level 4 Diploma
  • Client-centred treatment
  • Deep tissue massage to release long-held tensions
  • Release emotional and psychological stress
  • Get support for chronic pain and illness
  • Holistic therapy that includes mind, body & soul
  • Build ongoing therapeutic relationship
  • Mandatory code of ethics

If you only try one massage therapist, make sure it’s Claire Green. I’ve had massages in the past where they just seem to ‘stop’ at the end, without the aches and pains really being dealt with. But Claire was so in tune with what my body needed that it felt like such a ‘complete’ massage. She sorted out every niggle in every muscle (and there were a lot!) and kept up the quality of the massage right down to the last minute. Such quality treatment from such a kind soul, I won’t be going anywhere else from now on.

Available treatments

Which type of massage is best just for you.

What to expect from a massage

What you will receive at your first appointment and follow up treatments.

Booking your massage

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